Dedicated solutions

Customize services to your business!

Dedicated solutions

Every business is different and therefore requires an individual approach. Also yours. Increase its capabilities thanks to a dedicated integration and automation process!

The company is a living organism that needs care tailored to its needs. Therefore, only individual integration solutions guarantee the efficient functioning of this organism.

Trust the experience of specialists who have been integrating (offline) warehouse and accounting programs with (online) systems and sales channels for 15 years. We look boldly into the future, looking for answers and solutions to the upcoming sales challenges in the OmniChannel era.

Create a tailor-made integration system and maximize your company's profits!

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Discover the possibilities of integration!

You can try to run a business based on ready-made programs before you notice that only individual solutions will bring out its maximum potential.


Individual integration with ERP / WMS / e-commerce

Combine software supporting the work of your company with an ERP program, warehouse system and e-commerce platform and manage your business from one place.


Individual integration of courier systems

You can order parcels to be shipped to individual couriers manually, but only the individual integration of courier systems will accelerate parcel delivery several times.


Integration extension

Found the necessary integration but is missing a few features? Expand it with additional options tailored to the needs of your company and the rules prevailing in the industry.


IT systems integration

You can try to run a business based on IT software that works independently of each other. However, you will quickly see that only systems integration speeds up and increases the efficiency of your business.

Choose a dedicated solution and maximize your company's potential!

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